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Beauvoir sur Mer :

A city with Roman and Gallo-roman antecedents, Beauvoir sur Mer is one of the oldest settlements along the coast between the Loire and Gironde rivers. The port has vanished as a consequence of the displacement of the coast line; it should nevertheless be borne in mind that the monks from Saint-Philbert arrived by sea, and established a priory. The magnificient church we see now is built on much older building. Its Romanesque tower and apse, beautifully renovated, are well worth visiting.



LE PASSAGE DU GOIS at 5 kms away :

Le passage du Gois links Beauvoir sur Mer to the island of Noirmoutier.
It's a praticable ground arm with low tide.

Each year, there is the famous Foulées du Gois: an international race opposing the best athletes who cross le Passage du Gois while the tide is rising,
at the end of 4 kms of road is submarine.



Le PORT DU BEC at 3 kms away:

Located near by the wind mills of Bouin, this oyster and fishing port is one of the most strange places of the Vendée. Its bridges of wood leads to this place to be classified.
It is also well-known as the Chinese Port.




Le Parc des Eoliennes of BOUIN at 3 kms away:

With its eight wind mills, it is the most powerfull wind park of France.


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Beaches of PAYS DE MONTS
Notre Dame de Monts, La Barre de Monts, and Saint Jean de Monts